The Idaho State Tax Commission is recruiting to fill a Research Analyst, Senior position in its Tax Policy section of the Property Tax Division
Are you interested in a career as a Researcher working in Tax Policy/Property Tax? 

We are seeking candidates possessing a love for research, number crunching and excellent customer service skills.  If you have solid Excel skills, experience compiling ad hoc reports, and the ability to work with a variety of customers including officials at the over 1,000 taxing districts, legislators, lobbyists, and media - this job may be for you! 
 Example of Duties

-Compiling various types of numerical property tax and property value information submitted by counties and taxing districts
-Ensuring that taxing district property tax budgets do not exceed legally set limits
-Maintaining various property tax related data bases
-Calculating certain sales tax distributions, and preparing reports based on submitted and compiled information
-Some travel, mostly to train local government officials on budget documentation and other requirements, is required
-Communicating verbally and in writing with local governments and some communication with state officials in various state agencies
-Making presentations before groups

Minimum Qualifications

-Good knowledge of: research methods and principles of statistics, including sampling theory and probability theory.

-Experience: writing analytical (research) reports or materials; compiling and analyzing statistical data and drawing conclusions; using statistical software or spreadsheet software to perform statistical analysis; interpreting and communicating (verbally and in writing) statistical material into information usable by a target audience.

-All candidates being considered for employment with the Tax Commission must successfully complete a comprehensive background check, including fingerprinting, before a final job offer will be given. Individuals must be a current tax filer and be in full compliance with their tax obligations to be an employee of the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Supplemental Information

There is an exam to determine your eligibility. Enter your responses to the questions in the space provided in the examination. You must have the minimum level of experience or education described for each question addressing a minimum requirement to qualify for this position. Scoring will be based on the information you provide. It is important that the information you provide clearly supports your responses.Your resume will be used to validate your responses.

Apply now for this position

Salary:  $21.28 - 27.00 Hourly

Job Type:  Full Time

Job Number:  04359 (20-045)

Closing:  2/26/2020 11:59PM Mountain

Location:  Boise, ID

Department:  Idaho State Tax Commission

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