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IAAP President: Shelby Ugarriza

I am Shelby Ugarriza, IAAP President and a Certified Ad-Valorem Appraiser with the Ada County Assessor’s Office.  I have been with the Assessor’s Office since 2008 and with the Appraisal Division as a Residential Appraiser since 2010.  Prior to the county, I was the Deputy City Clerk of Meridian and then went to the State of Idaho in Public Works to work with developers and contractors. 

I was born in Springfield, Oregon, and moved to New Meadows, Idaho, in 1972.  I spent my childhood growing up in the meadows and mountains of the Meadows Valley.  I loved everything about the Valley:  the wonderful people, my fort, the deserted train cars, and going to the hot springs. My family then moved to Meridian in 1982 where I have spent the last 35 years. Meridian has been a absolutely wonderful place to live.

My husband Pete and I enjoy antiquing, movies, traveling, and are both avid cooks.  Our two boys, 23 and 26, are absolute joys to have around.  Our personal time is spent with my family, antiquing, movies, traveling and cooking.

Martha Heuston, IAAP Vice President

I am Martha Heuston IAAP Vice President and a Chief Deputy Assessor for the Blaine County Assessor's Office.  I have been with the Blaine County Assessor’s office for 5 ½ years and have been the Chief Deputy Assessor for four years.  I have been the IAAP Treasurer/Secretary for two years.

I grew up in Blaine County but lived in New York City for seven years and then moved back to Boise.  After several years, in Boise, I moved back to Blaine County and have been here since.  I am fortunate to live in an area where the sports that I enjoy such as hiking, biking, snow shoeing and cross-country skiing are readily available to me. My daughter and son presently live in Boise.  We enjoy spending time together either doing one of our favorite sports or just relaxing! 

Richard Bolon, IAAP Secretary/Treasurer

I am Richard Bolon, IAAP Secretary/Treasurer and Appraiser for Nez Perce County Assessor’s Office.  I have been with the Assessor’s Office since August of 2015.

I grew up in Powell, Idaho and Lewiston, Idaho.  I’m a University of Idaho graduate.  I’ve lived, studied and worked in Mexico and Japan as an English teacher.  I speak Spanish and Japanese.  I enjoy traveling, reading, hunting, fishing, various sports and the movies.  When I travel I always try to make it out to the wilderness, though as yet these rivers, mountains and forests I grew up in and around will always be my favorite.  After all my travels, I met my wife when I returned to Lewiston.  My wife shares my interest in traveling, especially after I took her to Japan(her first international trip.)  Any opportunity we get to travel, we do.  Even if it’s just a road trip.